Vineyard Estate Properties concentrates almost exclusively in the vineyard estate site market. With a finite supply of suitable parcels the search for and finding an estate property has become increasingly difficult. Wineries and wine grape growers control much of the suitable properties in large acreage configurations. Purchasing 40 to 160 acres to get an appealing estate-building site is too expensive for most. Vineyard Estate Properties concentrates on locating suitable vineyard building sites

  • Vineyard Estate Sites – Properties ranging from 5-20 acres with residential and agricultural potential.  Specializing in putting the home of your dreams in a vineyard setting. The market is currently very active for this type of property.
  • Vineyard Land – Properties ranging from 20-100 plus acres planted or unplanted which are generally attractive to the grape grower, wineries, and the high-end vineyard estate buyer. The market values for these properties have reached all time highs and demand is currently very strong.
  • Ranch Land – Properties usually over 100 acres in size with potential for vineyard development.  This type of property may have portions of land suitable for vineyard development and a significant number of acres, which may not be developed, into vineyards.
  • Sale and Lease Backs – Creating vineyard leases and vineyard development for those sellers who may not wish to sell their land but have the need to generate long-term income from the land.  Leases can be structured to suit the needs of both parties and are generally 25 years in term.

Smaller sized properties with good location receive the most demand and the highest price per acre. The home site itself is responsible for the larger portion of value. The medium sized properties need to make more economic sense and thus sell for less per acre than the estate site property.  Large acreage properties (100 plus acres) will attract wineries and large growers if there is vineyard potential.  These properties need to make good economic sense and sell for the lowest price per acre.  Large acreage is difficult to find and usually requires proper planning and permitting for development.